Monday, April 21, 2014

My First Motorcycle

Ok. So, I sold my very first motorcycle today. I'm bummed but happy at the same time if that makes sense. It was my baby. It was my motorcycle of "firsts."It took me on many adventures and I created a pretty strong bond with it. As hard as it was to let it go, I'm glad it went to a person who is so happy to own it now.

I bought the bike in 2012. A 1975 Yamaha RD250. It was perfect and a great bike to learn on. 
It was in good shape and was ready for me to ride. 
First motorcycle, first ride.
Only major change I made was the exhaust. It made it sound less like a weed wacker.

This bike has been around the block...
Shannon learning to ride.

Shannon's first time riding on the street with traffic.

Josh Nowell riding it from Manteo after his bike died on the way home from Revenge Run 3.

3 year old Eli.

Eli's first ride on a motorcycle with his daddy.

Jaime and Berkley's first.

My sister's first.

My mom just liked it. 

The bike took us places...
Heading to Ocracoke. Revenge Run 3.

Shannon rode it to Ocracoke. Revenge Run 4.

To Greenies many times.

Slades in Surry, Va.

And on countless Sunday rides to nowhere.

I manly used it to get to work and back...
...sometimes in fishnets.

As you can see, this bike has given me and plenty of others many memories. I'm sad to see it go but it's gonna be in good hands...
From one bitchin lady to another. Take good care of her Jules! 

Let Her Ride.

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Rode out to Slades Raceway in Surry, Va with Kate and Shannon. Oh, and two of the boyfriends Brett and Myles. We let them ride with us...sometimes. 

Slades is a OHV park with mostly trails. In the spring and summer they hold dirt drag races once a month. Today was Slades opening race day and also our buddy Skip's birthday! 

Happy Birthday Skip!

I captured a moment. Heart.

Good day.
Good weather.
Bad bitches.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

More female riders? YES PLEASE

More and more of my female friends have been coming to me to learn how to ride. So far, I have had the pleasure of teaching 12 beautiful and courageous ladies. I can't tell you how proud I am of every single one of them. Starting from very little or no experience, not giving up, pushing past their fears and just going for it....they are inspirational. They have made me love teaching. Seeing the joy and excitement on their face when they first take their feet off the ground makes me so fucking happy. I am lucky to share that moment with them. Some of them stuck with it, bought a bike and got their motorcycle license. Some of them learned that it wasn't for them and haven't showed anymore interest in riding. Either way I am still proud of each and every one of them.

I spent the last two days teaching these lovely ladies....





Monday, March 31, 2014

It's getting warmer!!

The weather today finally wasn't freezing and/or rainy so we were able to do a little riding! I got to practice some stunting on Sharon's Yamaha RD 350 and it looks a lot better than last time I tried! The sun was out so we got better pictures too. Next step is a hand stand! ;) oh yeah, my bike is finally being fixed on by some one who knows what they're doing! Fuck yeah!! 

My honda CB 450 before we dropped it off to be worked on for the third time. Better be running this time! 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring Break Forever Bitch!

Thursday night Sharon and I were talking to our friend Myles who was about to leave for Daytona Beach bike week, he was telling us all about his past trips and said 'you two should come down.'   Whether he actually thought we would or not I don't know, but we decided to load up the truck and leave Saturday morning after I closed down the bar.  We ended up leaving Norfolk at 5:30am and some how that 10 hour drive went by really quickly (thank god).
 Sharon brought her Triumph Scrambler and her Yamaha rd350 for me to ride when we got down there.  Every state one the way we bought $10 worth of lottery scratchers, and discovered we have zero luck in scratcher department.  
Once we arrived to Myles aunts house he had beer in hand for us, best welcoming ever!
 Went out Sunday night to check out St. Augustine's night life, they got mother fuckin pirates everywhere. Anyway, so out in St. Augustine heading to the first bar, what happens? Myles gets pulled over.  Not for speeding, he didn't run a red light, his truck was to believed to be seen leaving a condo that had just been robbed. But like I said not speeding, the cops yell out "GET OUT OF THE TRUCK! PUT YOUR HANDS BEHIND YOUR HEAD & WALK BACKWARDS TOWARD ME." Myles and his uncle Larry who we picked up at the condos were both in cop cars and Sharon and I were in the back of the truck trying to figure out what was going on.  They didn't get arrested and it was just a mistake in mass produced Ford trucks. If they did get arrested, I would be writing a lifetime movie about this instead of this title "Accidential Felons".

Okay, back to real life. The next morning we wake to ride to Daytona for bike week.  I discover half my face isn't moving and I think I am about to die or have a stroke, after my tantrum was over we leave but me riding bitch on the back with Myles.  SUCKED not being able to ride, and in Flordia there is a no helmet law so that would have been awesome! Sharon atleast got to enjoy that riding along the coast.
We get close to where I assume our destination is going to be because moto traffic was crazy!  We get to Main st and when we turn it was like we accidentally joined a parade route!  Basically every single type of Harley that had ever been made or customized was parked along both sides of the street.  Thousands of street bikes lining this road!
  First stop on Main was the Boot Hill Saloon for food, booze, people watch and of course looking at all these bikes roll in. Every bar there had their own bike week apparel, every shop was dedicated to motorcycles in one way or another.  Finished checking out everything there and tried to hit up Destination Daytona but it had started to close as we arrived.  Thankfully the bars don't!!   Okay, The Iron Horse, this is the place we stopped at.  

You ride in and basically have an usher escorting you to your seat.  Riding through all of these people, under these wooden walkways, and we park right in front of the stage.  Up on these walk ways is where the bars are.  Below is a carnival of sorts; food vendors, places to buy random shit, shows, old women in clown make up, it was cool as hell!!!  To the left of the stage, or stage right, we see this shitty looking round wooden attraction.  

This turned out to be the Wall of Death!  These mother fuckers are getting on these old ass bikes going round and fucking round on the walls of this old ass wooden cone.  One guy going side saddle on his bike saying 'look ma no hands!'  A girl on a bike and a guy on a go cart riding around this thing at the same time.  It was literally something I have only seen in cartoons when I was a kid.  Those people are awesome entertainers, brave as shit, and dumb as hell!  
After that Sharon, Myles and I chill out have some beers and people watch some more.  We called it a night, Myles and Sharon strapped on their leather chaps for the cold hour long ride back. 
Had to rest up for the drive back the next day.  It was a GREAT couple of days!  Wish we could have stayed for some of the races and midget wrestling...guess we will have to go for the whole week next year!!