Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ladies who love to ride

There is nothing quite like riding a motorcycle. The liberation of it all, the total control you have, the feeling of actually living; it's just you and the road you're traveling on. All your struggles and stresses fly right out of your head and you're left with the calmness and solitude to just take in the world around you. 

It's surprising that with all the greatness being on a motorcycle brings, that more people aren't out there riding, especially more women.  It's empowering and it's fun as fuck; there's nothing not to love! We hope to inspire other ladies to ride, because it truly is one of the best decisions we've all made. Riding has allowed us to learn new things, visit new places, make new friends, and create great memories.  If riding is something you're interested in, don't let anything or anyone hold you back. It's not only relieving to ride, but it's humbling as well, and everyone can use a dose of that.

Riding motorcycles has brought a sense of connection and trust into our group as well. The men we ride with are fucking awesome, because they have been very supportive and encouraging, and that is much appreciated. Yeah, we've heard some dudes hint that riding is becoming boring/uninteresting now that more females have started riding, but fuck those dudes. Riding is about living freely, enjoying life, and seeing the world, regardless of if you are a male or female. 

Another great thing about riding motorcycles is the ability to express yourself and be able to stand out. From Hondas, to Yamahas, to Triumphs, to Harley's, it's awesome to be able to figure out what fits you and your lifestyle. And then even after picking your bike, there are so many variations you can have of the same bike with different parts, colors, and bars, that no two bikes are the same. It's rad to A.) see the connections people make with others by trading or going to someone that has a certain skill they need (welding, wiring, painting, etc.) and B.) the positivity riders give to other riders about what they've done with their bikes and how much time, hard work, and dedication they put into their motorcycles to get it exactly how they wanted it. It's also really fucking cool to see some of the great work artists have made when designing/painting tanks and helmets. 

With all that being said, us ladies just want to experience riding and all it's positivity it has to offer. We look forward to what it will bring us and we are excited to see where it will take us. We're just a few ladies who want to live, want to be in control, want to have fun, and want to ride. 


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