Saturday, January 25, 2014

Supercross Saturday's @Cogans

 Supercross Live tonight at Cogans! Race 4 starts at 1030pm. 
Steve D and Skip came up with the idea of showing the races every Saturday at Cogans. It has been so rad that friends can come together to enjoy watching supercross and get amped watching their favorite racers fight for that #1 position. I now understand why people shout at the tv when football is on. You want your favorite athlete to perform their best and win, it can get pretty emotional! So thank you Motoscum and you're's been a blast.

P.s I like dem Nikes Bubba...
Nike AirMX
Made exclusively for Dungey and Stewart. Hopefully, one day Nike will make them available to the public.

Oh! Let's not forget the ladies! Britney Spears pandora comes on seconds after the race ends. 
Work bitch.

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