Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dirt Sunday

Awesome weather today!
Rode out to Morgans Corner in Elizabeth City, Nc with Brett and Skip.

 We met up with a crew of good people, my son (Eli), and the Dirt Bike Bros.
Spent the day teaching Eli to get comfortable standing on his dirt bike...
He made a new dirt bike friend, Ike Dailey! They had a great time racing each other around the field....
...and just being kids.
I also started giving Sam riding lessons on my nephews KTM 65sx...she did great for her first time on a bike!
And I continued teaching my sister, Theresa, how to ride. She was stoked when she finally got into 2nd gear!
The Dirt Bike Bros are a funny bunch of dudes. I always have a blast being around them. Hearing about their shenanigans and listening to their shit talking is hilarious. They truly are a group of great guys and they share the love of riding in the dirt. It reminds me of the bond that I have with the other Bitchin ladies. 
From top left to right: Brett Baker(my sexy bf), Steve Dailey, George Nicholls, Danny Dailey, Walter Perry and Miles Scarano.
My day ended with a night ride with Kate and Brett to 80/20 for dinner. Had a quick stop at the gas station for a mentionable stretch.

Till the next beautiful day....

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